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Names is Dewi Persik Can not say anymore, Indonesian artists Dewi Persik are very sexy and beautiful, no wonder the people in awe with this one artist that is Dewi Persik these artists really bring different entertainment world charm. dangdut artist is very tempting especially if you have a gig to the stage, rocking a very well known as goyangan patah² Artist Indonesia and swaying nge-bor such a Inul Daratista, and Anisa Bahar.

Perssik Dewi who has the original name of the Dewi Murya Agung(born in Jember, East Java, December 18, 1985, age 25 years) is an Indonesian dangdut singer. Princess partner H. Moch Aidil (father) and Hj. Sri Muna (mother) is claimed to have Chinese ancestry from his grandmother.

Careers Dewi Persik On the Entertainment :
Dewi (DP) is known for his song Bintang Pentas. Peach own name given by his manager, Mr. Yogi, for his career shines like peaches in China is considered as the fruit of good luck. Soap operas ever starring, among others, Mimpi Manis and Legend eps. Nyi Ronggeng. But Dewi career is not always smooth. Goddard is famous for its rocking gergajinya started getting criticized for his stage act is pleasant, as well as minimal and tight clothes. The climax is when the Dewi after filling a TPI anniversary events held at Istora, January 23, 2008. Dada Dewi suddenly touched by a man. When the Dewi wearing a white tank top with black stripes. Before touching breasts Dewi montok, the man stole fad Dewi breast images with the camera phone is busy when pedangdut sexy interviewed. Incidence of breast Dewi who became public consumption is not the first place. In 2005, thanks to sway too 'hot' in a show SCTV, Goddard's exciting breasts go poking. The incident lasted only a few seconds.

Year 2008 also be the year "ban" for the Dewi Persik. The first local government to block the appearance of Dewi in the region is the Government of Tangerang City. Pecekalan was intended to avoid the vulnerability associated with social and regional regulation (Perda) No. 8 of 2005 concerning the prohibition of prostitution in the area. Following Tangerang, Bandung Mayor also states ban Dewi Persik and also artists rocking outrageous (invite lust). Then several other local governments to follow such as, Mayor of Depok, South Sumatra MUI, Sukabumi Regent, Regent of Probolinggo, and Mayor of Balikpapan.

Unfortunately, Goddard comments about pencekalannya fact that even disturb the atmosphere. Dewi Persik consider these bans to curb his freedom and that is part of character assassination and slander against him. Even then Dewi Persik submit 'challenge' to prosecute those who slander law to the table. Not only that, the Dewi Persik even catapult the sentence pitched 'threat' to the mayor of Tangerang. Controversy ban that lasted for days on the media to get attention from Menpora Adhiyaksa Dault and Minister for Women Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta. Even Menpora Dewi Persik was calling to ask her introspection. Before long, Goddard pleaded guilty and make mistakes, although he still will not change the sway erotic.

Not only the Dewi Persik of the harvest stage performances controversy, movie premiere, Tali Pocong Perawan also considered to be too much indulgence in private parts and leads to pornography. However, Goddard argued that "all of that money ends." After parting with Saipul, they played a married couple in the film "Setan Budeg" Maxima Pictures production.

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Mulan Jameela Artis Cantik | Artis Indonesia Cantik Seksi

Where yesterday we dropped a post about the article gambar cewek panas cantik seksi, now we've updated a post articles about Artist Indonesia Cantik Seksi. Long time not heard of this one artist Mulan Jameela artis cantik seksi from Indonesia, some where reportedly is certain he will continue working Indonesian music world, he reportedly was pregnant so can not show himself again the public in advance, how disappointed with the loss of him from before the world of entertainment, artists beautiful and sexy is very popular with one single "Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi" and "Wonder Woman". Want to know who and where Mulan Jameela career, and how the journey career. Consider infoberita Jameela Mulan.

gambar artis, mulan jameela, mulan kwok seksi cantik, as1.jpg

Mulan Jameela
August 23, 1982 in Garut
Previously known as Mulan Kwok) is a famous Indonesian solo singer.


Career with Ratu:

Mulan started her career as a cafĂ© singer and joined several bands. Her popularity began when she formed a duo Ratu with Maia Ahmad in 2005. The duo released an album on the Sony BMG label in August 2005, entitled Ratu & Friends. The first single of the album, "Teman Tapi Mesra" quickly rocketed Mulan’s name as one of the most popular singers in Indonesia. Peaking number 1 in Indonesia for several weeks, the single also gained commercial success on numerous radio stations in Malaysia and Singapore. The album sold over 400,000 copies (certified Double Platinum) and established Ratu as the most successful female group at the time.

The following year, Ratu released another album, entitled No. Satu, which was a hugely successful and sold 500,000 copies in the first week. The singles, "Lelaki Buaya Darat" and "Dear Diary" gained considerable airplay and landed at number 1 on the charts. Ratu also won several awards, one of them is Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) in 2006.

However, Mulan decided to quit Ratu in 2007. Mulan left Ratu due to her dissatisfaction with Ratu management regarding financial transparency. She later started to establish her own solo career and signed to EMI Indonesia.

Solo Career :

She released her debut self-titled album, Mulan Jameela, in January 2008. The first single from the debut album, "Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy" (God's Sexiest Creature), rose to number 1 and competed with the single of her ex-partner, Maia. Her second single, "Wonder Woman" also gained commercial success, peaking at number 1 on several charts in Indonesia.

The album has certified platinum only several weeks into 2008 for selling more than 100,000 copies.


  • 2005 : Ratu & Friend
  • 2006 : No. Satu

Solo Album
  • 2001: Bidadari
  • 2002: Menanti
  • 2003: Kurindukan
  • 2008: Mulan Jameela

gambar artis, mulan kwok seksi cantik, mulan jamela.jpg

gambar artis, mulan kwok seksi cantik, mulan-jameela123.jpggambar artis, mulan jameela, mulan kwok seksi cantik, tyasist1d.jpg

gambar artis, mulan jameela, mulan kwok seksi cantik, mulanssdd,.jpg
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Adelia Rasya Cantik | Gambar Artistindo Pretty

why I am very happy with update artistindo cantik Adelia Rasya , because this picture gives a pretty good imagination for me later on, one thing I have to do is give gambar artistindo Adelia Rasya quality that's great for all of you who always stopped to blog pictures of girls bugil, I really admire it because you are one of the billions of people worldwide who've stopped by my blog.

Now I will lower the content that is interesting for you all, a gambar artist Indonesia who have extraordinary beauty and her body is very sexy and still relatively young age of only 23 years old, who is the Artist Adelia Rasya, surely you do not already know it further is not it, now you will know it thoroughly.

Adelia Rasya (born in Bandung, February 2, 1988, age 23 years) is an Indonesian actress. He began his career in entertainment with a widescreen movie playing in Kawin Kontrak Again in 2008.

b2.jpgartistsindon cantik, adelia rasya cute prety, b1.jpgartistsindon cantik, adelia rasya cute prety, b3.jpggambar artis indonesia, artis bugil seksi, cantik cewek, d2.jpg

gambar artis indonesia, artis bugil seksi, cantik cewek, c6.jpgartistsindon cantik, adelia rasya cute prety, c7.jpga4.JPGc9.jpga2.jpggambar artis indonesia, artis bugil seksi, cantik cewek,c4.jpg
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Gambar Cantik ABG Seksi | Face Cute Imutt'z

Published already gambar cantik seksi ABG where we will explore what it abg (teenagers) that the term in the acronym acronym in Indonesian. Maybe you do not already know gambar face cewek cantik Sabrina Nikita Sally.... hehehee

Do not worry all that are here already under control and you can already enjoy, it's known that it's just lendir cewek blog published an article gambar cewek abg imuutt'z is not a news story like this in Japan earthquakes magnitude 8.9 and other information.

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Gambar Model Seksi Perawan | Hot Model Cute Cantik

Gambar Model Seksi Cantik and Hot Model Cute Perawan publish now not telanjang bugil but pretty and cute. photo model many in Indonesia but we do not know, but it was not a reference to us to know, we are not to know him but we just to see how beautiful and foto facebook model seksi from indonesia dating. One thing we must explore the world of entertainment in leading enjoy these extras in a media society.

Gambar model seksi is not bugil continued posting of a gambar gadis cantik seksi article, in which place of a blog gives you all the aspiration, is an idea I got from a friend's blog foto-cewek[dot]info, foto-cewek[dot]info publish lots of content about collection of beautiful photos and other sexy. The most famous blog of a blog post is an article that is in looking at the world of entertainment can we call the entertainment media, we can find through search engines such as (com), (com),, and others search engines.
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Fan Bingbing Face Cantik | Face Cewek Cantik Seksi

I need a refinement to a Fan Bingbing Face Cantik content where I have to raise traffic,  so with that I will share experiences, info, stories and news of a model cina cantik fan bingbing hopefully you entertained and wish you to know Who was Fan Bingbing and what the activities done during her work in the world of entertainment.

The exhibit of Sexual Fan Bingbing Cute practice and the city 2 met the newest manner and voguish elements and successfully forgathered diverse kinds of way single cartesian products. The costumes in the pic are maintaining altering fitting in to the different picture subject fields such as Fan Bingbing Face Cantik and Face Cewek Cantik Seksi, creating corking exertion to jibe every suit of clothes utterly with the characteristics of each passing role player, and micturating thespian itself portion of fashion.

fan bingbing cuties, face cantik fanbingbing, 19.jpgfan bingbing cuties,bugil face cantik fanbingbing, 23.jpgfan bingbing cuties, face cantik fanbingbing, 26.jpgfan bingbing cuties,bugil face cantik fanbingbing, 5.jpgcewek cina, fanbingbing12.jpg4.jpg

Fan Bingbing cuties model cina the four Fashion Week has its ain unique location, the New York fashion hebdomad was welcomed more by cutting edge architects, style and frantic. Milan Fashion Week Zeyi adult males discharged the most, much like military personnels's couturier of the Sports Arena. Genus Paris manner hebdomad is the Women's professionals repugn the Holy Land, amatory and voguish. London Fashion Week, Fashion Week than it appears in front of the old has become much measuredly expose a variety of architects work with their own proud.

The white hot tegument you can cover up the insufficiencies of many to dwell, nonphysical beauty of their rooms for the actress, a lot of Tim colouring material, it is easy to understand why almost all adult females are flocking to Flannel. Mainland Television Masters actress model seksi Fan Bingbing and Taiwan popular actress large s, sexy goddess Carina Lau in Hong Kong, as well as relying on "long this" nook of the violent Red Asia, South Korean actress Lee Young-ae is a white distaff creative person known whether they can be broken shells blowing how is the white tegument come from? .

Hot days in the Mainland rank and file of Fan Bingbing Cewek Cantik From Chines, sounded out she did not in fact what the lightening crowns, do not do anything especial attention, that is, idle time granting to the triumphing office in the tegument utilizing pure natural lightening skin care productions to at attaining, while keeping the Hydra has can color in crystal clear, In addition, make up time to choose a quality pledge steel, after all, can not front the problem is haphazard, but after the remover to be really cable car.
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Jablay Cantik Seksi | Beuuhh Cewek Seksi

I thought about what I should do first, whether what was in my mind right now, I am still confused and still in doubt. Yasudahlah I will do my favorite job is to publish an article about gambar jablai cantik seksi. I think this is a pretty good idea, I'm so glad when it published an article about beuhh gambar cewek seksi, but you do not think the negative first, I just wanted to share for you all, because this is also one of my hobby is to collect gambar Jablay Indonesia bhahenol that absolutely right.
gambar jablay cantik seksi, jablay seksi, cewek indo
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Gambar Cewek Toket Gede | Toket Montok

There are so many gambar cewek panas toket gede in the Internet world immeasurably how many hundred million gambar cewek cantik and how many millions of sites gambar cewek panas in this world may have billions. indeed many sites about gambar cewek toket montok is no longer the most widely accessed and created in the country namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japaneses and other countries.

Of all the internet access available in the world of entertainment is very easy, no hassle and simple. Are you not wasting your time! Of course not, why because to relieve our minds of work stress or on the move all day, here we take the time to enjoy the outside world that you do not know and do not you explore. Site gambar cewek toket gede and TOket MoNtok a lot, especially I also have to compete with the masters the site of lendir cewek this. But I really like the competitors that hard work for achieving its goals.

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Fan Bingbing Actress China Cutis | Model Cewek Cina Cantik

Cewek chines cutis hot, that know the shortcomings of many beauty life, non-physical spaces for the cewek actress china cantik, much of the paint the Tim can cover is easy to understand, why are almost all of the adult females tax of Tweed. Continental masters fan Bingbing actress china cutis, cewek cina cantik, and Taiwan popular actress s LAU in Hong Kong, but also to "Present Tense" violent corner of the network of Asia leave great actress a Fan Bingbing, Goddess sexy Carina, South Korean actress Lee young-AE is a white Cattail known as creative person if they can be shells blowing distributed why white coat of is?


Days of heat in the largest continental Fan Bingbing model chines, explains that he did not the Summit of the whitening, it is not far from exceptional tends, i.e. downtime, so triumphant position in the production of the pure application of tegument natural whitening skin care, To get with the Hydra can man clearly coloured also the time to choose a guarantee for quality steel making because it could not, before the problem is sewn, but then the mobile phase vibration careful work Severamenteporque really is waste of cosmetics in Testa hurt with the child. The allocation of lighting Rootages, Fan Bingbing actress model Remover time and sometimes still overcome 4 times of the day, because of the use of wait natural Cistron remove it legitimate production clarify respect, but apparently is not mass Huyou so-called special aid.
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Fan Bingbing Cute | Gambar Cewek China

O'yeah ... You can find discuss now blog Fan Bingbing cute, as I promised on previous at gambar cewek china. Today air of t-Shirts and Yiwu sleeves led light profit a person already time, immediately the wind plants you ask plugin what they want to make credible OK, is the answer: transparent underwear. The city of Yiwu market, the statistics of the Council of economic development.

Company of the year 56 for executives of the Fan Bingbing model of the big question, as average model are high frameworks for essential equipment for the production of underwear of transparent growing Fan Bingbing cute girls chines prepare raw materials. In Yiwu, it seems that everyone wants a night transparent diligence underwear on the.


Lang Sha unseamed underwear in an adjustment of the industry on a large scale.

Fan Bingbing Cute image pictures collection. August 10, point or crochet Langsha becomes temperamental function of the Executive of the stock market. In this busy behind curl peace left Sha some 100 million dollars and exotic, in the Italian production of 500 units, equipment for the manufacture of transparent underwear. Lang Sha, General Director of Wengrong brother told reporters that the production of the Sep, Yiwu, geforkt teams will Langsha and Itochu from the Group of Japan and companies in the first device placed Israel is underwear Treaty LAN more great risks for the company to make uniform worldwide 500 companiesgranted in February of this year, the tripartite cooperation, an initial sign of the Government of the 40 million dollar investment. It is said that you applied the society of science and Radio & amp; After the Israeli Fulan Te D Capableness, ITOCHU Corporation is main 500 companies in the world, NET events sales around the world that are exactly the movement wave evaluated side Sha. At the same time, LANGSHA also has its reward Ain "Lang sha."
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