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O'yeah ... You can find discuss now blog Fan Bingbing cute, as I promised on previous at gambar cewek china. Today air of t-Shirts and Yiwu sleeves led light profit a person already time, immediately the wind plants you ask plugin what they want to make credible OK, is the answer: transparent underwear. The city of Yiwu market, the statistics of the Council of economic development.

Company of the year 56 for executives of the Fan Bingbing model of the big question, as average model are high frameworks for essential equipment for the production of underwear of transparent growing Fan Bingbing cute girls chines prepare raw materials. In Yiwu, it seems that everyone wants a night transparent diligence underwear on the.


Lang Sha unseamed underwear in an adjustment of the industry on a large scale.

Fan Bingbing Cute image pictures collection. August 10, point or crochet Langsha becomes temperamental function of the Executive of the stock market. In this busy behind curl peace left Sha some 100 million dollars and exotic, in the Italian production of 500 units, equipment for the manufacture of transparent underwear. Lang Sha, General Director of Wengrong brother told reporters that the production of the Sep, Yiwu, geforkt teams will Langsha and Itochu from the Group of Japan and companies in the first device placed Israel is underwear Treaty LAN more great risks for the company to make uniform worldwide 500 companiesgranted in February of this year, the tripartite cooperation, an initial sign of the Government of the 40 million dollar investment. It is said that you applied the society of science and Radio & amp; After the Israeli Fulan Te D Capableness, ITOCHU Corporation is main 500 companies in the world, NET events sales around the world that are exactly the movement wave evaluated side Sha. At the same time, LANGSHA also has its reward Ain "Lang sha."


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